Our Process

Our investment philosophy at Round Table Capital Management is ‘manage the risk and let returns take care of themselves.’ By this we mean the following. Did you know that a 20% drop in an investment portfolio requires a 25% return just to break even? This is because the investor is working with a smaller investment balance due to the loss in portfolio value. Because of this, when our team details any investment opportunity with you, we will first identify the risks before discussing the potential rewards.

Additionally, at Round Table Capital Management, we embrace a goals-based wealth planning approach. This concept affords you the opportunity to refrain from unneeded, additional risk and ‘chase performance returns.’ For example, if an investment portfolio annual return of 8% is calculated to achieve your stated goal, an investment that can potentially achieve a higher return, yet with additional risk, would need to be seriously evaluated.

Finally, the discretionary portfolios managed at Round Table Capital Management were designed to remove the emotional biases and human responses to fear and greed. The technically-traded strategies enter and exit positions with the primary objective of preserving your hard-earned money. By minimizing losses and staying invested, when the market is climbing, there is the potential to yield favorable returns over time.